Sharing your adventure at 1000 ft

Man on precipice in Red Rocks Canyon

Sharing adventure at 1000 ft

Posting views at 1000 ft

We went to Las Vegas to see the sights and maybe gamble, but what we really love is sharing adventure together.  Flying in we noticed a red rock canyon and thought that would be the place to get out and share an outdoor adventure.

While scrambling up the Red Rocks Canyon just outside Las Vegas, I turned to survey the view.  There was a group of climbers with a guide.  In their harnesses, attached to carabiners in the rock face, they were learning how to climb up and rappel down.  I noticed a person hopping up on to an outcrop.  While holding something up face high, he began moving slowly around, pivoting on his right foot.  He was taking a pano.  Next I saw him, still on the outcrop, stoop over his phone, tapping.  Posted!  He shared his adventure with friends.

Sharing adventure with friends

I totally get it!  When viewing beauty, amazing sights, hearing beautiful music, what ever brings us joy and delight, we want to share with our friends and loved ones.  I thoroughly enjoy photos my friends post of sunsets, waterfalls, mountains, oceans, sports and family.

I love adventure; in the mountains, in Spokane, just around the corner, or far from home, and I am going to share my adventures with you.

Hang on tight!

I also enjoy sharing adventures in real estate with like-minded people.  When there is so much on the line when buying or selling a home, you need a thoughtful guide to advise and coach.  That’s what I enjoy!  Please call me when there is anything I can do to make your adventure something worth sharing.  509-655-REAL


Posted on September 5, 2018 at 4:13 pm
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