More About Me

Patti Hinman: your trusted real estate advisor

When you book a guide service, you have someone with experience helping you get what you want. That's what Patti does for you!   Patti wants to be your guide in your next real estate transaction, whether it be buying or selling a home. She values you and strives to make your experience enjoyable, memorable, and get you where you want to be. Patti will continue to be your Real Estate Guide whenever you need one.

Patti has a degree in Finance, helped large companies interconnect networks, helped people with mortgages, and has four children she taught mathematics, reading, science, history, Latin and Greek languages. All this to say she is great at simplifying complicated subjects. And she loves to be around really fun, cool people.

Patti loves adventure! She is an avid outdoors woman and wildlife photographer. Follow her adventures as she calls bull elk, encounters bear, photographs eagles and swans. She has a passion for hiking up mountains to see the view. 

About Me

My name is Patti Hinman, and I was raised in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane. I’m a real estate professional that has also been in the mortgage industry, which is a huge asset to you when we start talking about buying a home.

Prior to my real estate career, I was a software sales engineer connecting disparate networks for companies like PepsiCo, New York Stock Exchange, Mercedes Benz, and others.

In addition to my corporate life, I was a dedicated stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher for several years in the subjects of reading, writing, math, Latin, and Greek.

My biggest strengths are my ability dig in and solve problems, my authenticity, and my deep knowledge in real estate and finance.

Call me today and let me show you the extraordinary work I can do for you!